Arbëresha Loxha

economic development and welfare policy

Arbëresha Loxha is a Senior Research Fellow at GLPS. Over the last five years, Arbëresha has designed and successfully lead research focusing on economic development and welfare policy. Her research includes amongst others, topics such as public administration reform, the business environment and investments, labour market, the pension system, poverty and migration. In addition to GLPS, she is a university lecturer of Management and Economics in AAB College.

Arbëresha holds a PhD in Economics and an Msc in Economics for Business Analysis from Staffordshire University (SU) in the United Kingdom; both funded by a joint-scholarship from Open Society Foundation and SU. Currently she is the country researcher of WeBER regional project for Kosovo.

Involved in the following publications:

February 12, 2019

Policy Analysis

WeBER PAR Monitor Kosovo 2017 2018 Brief