Albana Rexha

public policy, public administration, anti-corruption and rule of law policy

Arbëresha Loxha

economic development and welfare policy

Artan Stavileci

Chief Financial Officer

Bardha Maxhuni

international law, judiciary reform and anti- corruption policies

Delfinë Elshani

economics, migration issues, trade, privatization and budgetary planning

Erëza Pula

economics, foreign direct investment, good governance

Leke Batalli

rule of law, internationa law and human rights

Mirgjin Zhubi

rule of law

Njomza Arifi

Programme Manager

Njomza Mjeku

Project Officer

Perparim Kryeziu

administration reform, public policy, welfare policy and socio-economic development

Rreze Hoxha

rule of law