Institutional Principles

Group for Legal and Political Studies is committed to advancing the policy and decision-making processes in Kosovo through public policy research, analysis, and professional advice and advocacy. The following principles are essential to our mission:

Group for Legal and Political Studies is an organization free from any political party affiliation, bias, or designation. Its mission is not based on or influenced by any political party, political organization, forum, or other institution related to political parties. Its activities do not aim to support the interests and/or policies of any political party or ideological organization. In addition, the Group refuses to pursue and/or support policies or issues that aim to advance the agenda of any political party or political organization.

NON-PROFIT STATUS Group for Legal and Political Studies is a non-profit (pro bono publico) organization. Group’s mission is to serve as a framework and outlet for civil participation in the policy and decision-making process. It consists of people who are assembled to work toward common/public aims, with the purpose of benefitting the public and society at-large. Moreover, it is not in the Group for Legal and Political Studies’ aim or mission to generate, accumulate and/or distribute personal profits for its members, board or individuals.

Group for Legal and Political Studies work is based on the quality and objectivity as inherent values and distinguished characteristics of our institutional performance. In addition, the Group is devoted to the respect for the principles of integrity and fairness. The Group is an equal opportunity organization; therefore, any discrimination on whatever basis is against our mission and values.

Group for Legal and Political Studies is committed to avoid any conflict of interest. Its members’ duties are to act in the benefit of the public interest and to respect the organisational values and principles. Group members are therefore obliged to act for, and in the benefit of, the public and should not use their position within the organization for personal benefit.

Group for Legal and Political Studies’ work is based on the principle of transparency and openness. Group is prepared to disclose, avail, and allow access to relevant information about the functioning of its bodies, adopted decisions, finances and activities. It is within its mission to provide reasons for its decisions and action, and to make available information about relevant or institutional changes. Group for Legal and Political Studies finances are reviewed by external, credible auditors, and its reports are regularly made available for the public.

Group for Legal and Political Studies is committed to respect the law and other regulatory obligations. Its members have the obligation to adhere to the law and other rules of conduct.

The Group staff and members have the duty and the responsibility to maintain, protect and develop the inherent values and principles of the organization, and Group’s reputation as a distinguished source of high quality, objective, and non-partisan public policy research, analysis and advocacy.